January 11, 2023

Top Study Abroad Education Consultants in Dubai

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DM works with the best educational consultants in Dubai , specialising in Study Abroad services. We are registered and authorised consultants, and you can reach us in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Whether you pursue high school, secondary school or higher education in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia etc., we can assist you in realising your educational goals. We have the best consultants who help international students with their Study Abroad aspirations. In the past five years, DM Study Abroad has helped over 10,000+ students to get admission to famous Universities worldwide. Whether it is Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate, our goal is to guide students on their journey to becoming global citizens.

Our professional Study Abroad consulting team comprises highly qualified and experienced overseas educational specialists across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

Our consultancy company is expanding on a large scale to fulfil the increasing requirements of international students worldwide. Besides representing global Universities and their popular graduate programs, we also offer FREE IELTS training in Dubai. Contact us today if you want to begin your student visa application process.

Why Study Abroad?

Study Abroad is an excellent way to acquire global skills and broaden your career-enhancing horizon. An international degree from a reputed institute increases an individual’s employment opportunities. It can be a remarkable experience for students exposed to different aspects of life. Increasing tolerance and understanding of various cultures opens doors in the hospitality industry and for many international jobs in other sectors.

Your international experience helps you position yourself to potential employers as an adaptable global contender who embraces new challenges and seeks growth opportunities. Many top institutes have placement and internship options available, which give a much-needed platform at a larger scale to kick-start your career besides imparting advanced education.
Do you want to Study Abroad to enhance your career? Please take steps to get your qualification degree abroad by contacting our educational consultant. Our Study Abroad Consultants in Dubai can guide applicants in getting admissions to reputed universities in Australia, The UK, The USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and European countries.

Choose a specific program in a country of choice

The QS survey found that students consider employment prospects (64%), followed closely by an institution’s reputation (61%), to be the top factors influencing where they choose to study.
If you want to pursue a bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, PhD & Doctorate, or Graduate Diploma from a reputed University, be prepared to do extensive research. Know your requirement based on your qualifications and strengths, and budget. Short-listed course duration depends on the particular University and specialisation course. Most bachelor’s degrees take three to four years to complete, master’s take one to two years, and doctoral degrees may take four to seven years.
Go through the practical module of the listed program, and see if there is an opportunity or requirement to do an internship, speciality training and time with the support of the University. Learning from a teacher with experience and connections outside the Academy can help you gain new knowledge and apply for an internship.
Although the tuition fees are generally higher for international students, many scholarship programs are available that can help you significantly reduce the cost. The education fees at a public or state university are lesser than that of a private institution.
After selecting the program, you can apply through the institution’s website directly or through a third party by attaching the required documents. While every University has its own admissions criteria, they share several standard requirements. Generally, world-renowned universities require transcripts of education marks, standardized test scores, SAT or ACT, English proficiency test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, iTEP, PTE Academic), essays, recommendations and a copy of your valid passport. Some colleges and universities may also require proof of financing for international students.
Contact our best Study Abroad Consultants Dubai who assist students in getting admission to top universities worldwide.

Why Choose DM Study Abroad Consultants Dubai

DM Study Abroad works with reputed universities to provide high education. We provide expert counselling services and FREE IELTS preparatory courses to make the Study Abroad journey hassle-free and fruitful. Contact us today if you dream of elevating your career with a degree from a top university abroad. Our essential services include:

  • Counselling international students and their parents in shortlisting the best University in their country of choice to advance their career
  • Guidance in selecting a relevant course according to educational credentials and skills
  • Access to prospects and brochures of all world-renowned Universities and Colleges
  • Help in the entire application process of admissions
  • Complete guidance in submitting the visa application
  • FREE IELTS preparatory courses in Dubai
  • Assistance in availing educational loans for higher studies
  • Information on international scholarships available to reduce educational costs
  • Pre-departure counselling and prepare you for visa interview
  • Post-landing services like help in accommodation search and registration with authorities.

Please discuss this with our International Education Specialists in Dubai today! We will help you make the best decision and reshape your career according to your dreams.

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