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Best overseas education consultants in dubai

Do you want to transform your future by pursuing your higher education at the top universities in the world? Take a step ahead with DM consultants to fulfil your dream of studying abroad in well-developed countries of the world. Whether you pursue postgraduate study, undergraduate, PhD, MBA, or other popular university courses abroad, we can assist you in realising your career dreams.

As a student, it is very important for you to understand the latest educational trends in the world’s top universities that have your study courses and skills to make you able to take part in the country's job market. According to statistics, more than 15000 students from Dubai move to foreign countries every year for study purposes. This number increases by about 3 to 4% every year. Many students from all over the world move to foreign countries for their higher studies because of a stable economy and futuristic opportunities. We at DM Consultant provide the best suitable solutions to you by carefully analysing your educational background, financial condition, subject of study and its scope in foreign countries, available scholarship programs, and relevant universities, depending on your unique needs. We help you to follow the right category of course and path from the very beginning.

Dm study abroad programs

Do you have an aspiration to study overseas? Take steps to get your international degree by contacting our study abroad consultants. In the past five years, our admission and primary education consultants have guided over 10,000+ students to gain admission to universities in the UK, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and other European countries. DM consultants guide students to Study Abroad at their dream universities, including UK universities, educational institutes of Germany, California State University, and educational institutes of other foreign countries. We help aspirants enrol in top universities in countries like Australia, Canada, the UK, the USA, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Responsibilities of education consultants

Educational consultants help students fulfil their dream of studying abroad by providing them with customised solutions to their unique cases. DM Study Abroad consultancy specialises in overseas education services. It helps them to be exposed to different aspects of life and increases tolerance and understanding in students. They help students in

  • Identifying their eligibility criteria
  • Guidance in application form filling
  • Providing a list of universities relevant to their field
  • Creating career goals for students
  • Skill development in students
  • Helping in scoring good grades on IELTS tests
  • Providing valuable interview tips and CV creation

Top reasons to study abroad

Studying abroad uae is more than just education. It can turn out to be a lifetime experience and education goal. Here are some of the essential reasons why you should study abroad at reputed International Universities:

More Course Options And Better Education

High-quality education is guaranteed at reputed institutes during study abroad due to the various courses, research options, and skills training available at these institutions. We at DM will help you in the process of picking the right college, university or course. International universities in countries like the US, the UK, Canada, or Australia have facilities, industry and business connections, and funding to make it an outstanding student experience.

Enjoyable And Employable Experience

Studying abroad allows you to enjoy discovering new places, meeting new people, and exploring other traditions and cultures. International graduates are highly sought after by employers. The experience of having the courage and flexibility to study abroad and understanding how other people work and think makes you stand apart in internships, jobs and university applications for study.

Learn a New Language And Improve Your English

In countries like Canada, you can learn French besides improving your English speaking. Certain European countries make it mandatory to know their official language, and it would be easier to grasp the foreign language in a relevant cultural context. Indeed, Canada is the happiest country for students.

International Exposure

Studying abroad helps you to be independent, handle different situations, manage time between education and part-time jobs, and get exposed to foreign educational cultures and environments. It allows you to develop a personality and be ready to tackle challenging situations in life.

Develop Global Inclusiveness

Students who study abroad become well-informed and develop a broader perspective toward other cultures and people. You are exposed to a multicultural environment, which will help you cope with modern challenges and provide innovative solutions in the future. You will develop a more open, inclusive, and creative mindset.

Unforgettable Experience

Your study abroad experience will be broader than that on the college campus. Doing part-time jobs in different areas exposes you to other people, and you can explore different tourist places and geographies during weekends, holidays, and vacations. This experience will last for a lifetime.

Eligibility requirements to study abroad

Following are the general requirements to pursue your studies in International Universities other than exams for admissions. You will require a student visa, which differs from country to country. Every government and its institutions have its own set of requirements based on the nationalities of students. The following eligibility conditions exist when you apply for a Student Visa:

  • The IELTS exam in UAE is the main requirement for foreign students.
  • A Visa application needs to be accepted and approved by the institution.
  • Proof of funds to pay for your tuition fees and living costs for yourself and your dependents.
  • Having an excellent past academic education record and history.
  • Qualify the character requirements.
  • Fulfil health requirements and purchase health insurance coverage if needed.

Documents required for student visa interview

The following documents are to be shown at the time of the student visa interview:

  • Valid passport
  • Recent passport-size photograph
  • Visa application fee receipts
  • DS-160 confirmation
  • Visa appointment letter
  • Fee Receipts
  • Educational Certificates
  • Proof of financial stability

You may be required to produce additional documents to your concerned embassy. If you are Googling study abroad visa procedures and abroad education consultants near you, DM Consultants is the best study abroad agency to know everything about the visa application process.

How to apply for student visa

Before you apply for a student visa, read the instructions provided by the embassy of your destination country. You can apply for a student visa both online and offline.

  • Apply for a valid study program to be eligible for a student visa
  • After admission is approved for a study program, make an appointment at a local embassy or consulate.
  • Apply and attach all the verified documents
  • Pay the visa application fees on time
  • Attend the visa interview as scheduled

A student can apply for and obtain an extension of a student visa if the visa expires before completing studies in a particular country. Get in touch with the best educational consultants in Dubai at DM to learn more about visa procedures and the Student Visa application process.

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From Business & Management to Engineering & Technology, check out the full range of bachelor's degree programs. Students or bachelors can enrol in their dream universities to pursue their study abroad with the guidance of DM Overseas Education Consultants.


As a “second-cycle” qualification, a master’s degree from a respected university can help improve one’s chance of getting placed under a reputed employer. Check out our full range of master’s degree programs here.


Most PhDs and Doctoral level courses can take anywhere between 3-4 years to complete. Such courses provide you with an opportunity to work on your original ideas and bring them to fruition through thorough R&D.


Often pursed after completing a bachelor’s degree program, Graduate diplomas can help strengthen the individuals’ case in the job market. Check out our selection of Graduate diploma programs here.

Why choose dm education consultants?

DM Study Abroad is the best overseas education consultant in UAE that assists students in getting admission to top universities worldwide. We here at DM have a trained and experienced team of immigration consultants with a global presence with 20+ branch offices across the world. We provide professional counselling services and IELTS Preparatory sessions to make the study abroad journey hassle-free. Key services of our education consultants include:

  • Counselling students and parents in choosing the best university for advancing their academic career
  • Create an easy pathway for higher education plan
  • In-depth personal and expert guidance in selecting an ideal course
  • Share prospects and brochures of all top universities and colleges
  • Assistance throughout the application for admission.
  • Complete guidance through the visa application process
  • IELTS preparation and courses in Dubai
  • Help in arranging an educational loan for your higher studies
  • Information on availing of international admission rules and international scholarships
  • Pre-departure counselling to make you get prepared
  • Post-landing services like help in searching for accommodation
  • Tailored support with a student-centric approach
  • Wide Range of Programs of High Success Rate

Our company of education consultants in Dubai is rapidly expanding to fulfil all our students' needs worldwide and meet the standards of the Ministry of Higher Education at the same time. Send us an inquiry today if you want to begin your student visa application process. We will help you to make the best decision and reshape your career prospects as per your dream. Our team is composed of highly qualified professionals and experienced International Education Specialists across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates of the UAE.

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DM Study Abroad - Towards a better future

« I must say that DM Study Abroad has always been extremely supportive in all my endeavour regarding foreign education. Gagandeep helped me at each and every stage of the process and ensured that my application was on point in terms of documentation. Forever grateful! »

Aakriti, University of Victoria, BC, Canada

« DM Study Abroad is a one stop solution for foreign education in my opinion. People at the organisation are really patient and knowledgeable. They do not misguide you about things and make sure that even if your process takes time, the ideal documents are attached to your application. Anand George is a genius when it comes to guiding students with their VISA queries! »

Bilal, University of Durham, UK

« With DM Study Abroad, global education truly becomes achievable. They make everything so easy. Very very helpful! Thank you'll for dreaming so big for me and helping me with getting there! Very helpful and approachable staff! »

Anish, The University of Northampton, UK University of Liverpool, UK Northeastern University, USA

« I wanted to go to Australia to pursue higher studies after graduating. I was searching for relevant courses in Australia but wasn’t able to make a choice. There were so many options available and I got confused. Then I visited DM Study Abroad consultants in Dubai. They listened carefully and made me aware of the courses available relevant to my field. I gave them CV and relevant details and their experts came up with options and I selected one of them. It was a smooth ride after as I commence Study Abroad journey in Australia. It is the best immigration consultancy firm. »

Aashi, Victoria University

« DM Study Abroad works with experts and has good network across top universities in USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. They have genuine consultants who offer educational consultancy and do not misguide you. The process may take time, but they ensure all the documents are attached to your application so that it is not rejected. From giving counselling on which courses to pick, to applying for admission and visa and post-landing services they offer everything in a most organised way. They have legit immigration consultants to make sure your Study Abroad dream takes a flight! »

Shahid, University of Durham, UK

« Studying in top universities truly becomes achievable with DM Study Abroad. They have RCIC Registered consultants who happily help you throughout the immigration process. They make the process so easy. I had a great time with them, and the whole process went smoothly. I recommend their services if you want to join a reputed overseas University to increase career opportunities. They turned things for me after I was hopeless at the time. I felt stress-free and relaxed after hiring their services. Best of lusk to team DM.

Sharmin, The University of Northampton, UK

« As a football fan, I have been following Liverpool for a long time and wanted to study in that city. I didn’t know how to start the process until I met DM Study Abroad Consultant. They understood my requirements and after screening my documents, they applied in a few Universities. It is the best consultancy firm in Dubai. I had a tough time in compiling documents and scoring the required band but their consultants helped me a lot and also prepared me for IELTS to get the desired band eventually. I thank DM for helping me realise the dream of studying and living in Liverpool. Just coming back after watching Liverpool and Everton deby match! What an experience…thanks DM. »

Aijaz, University of Liverpool, UK

« I was looking for options to do data Analytics course in the USA but wasn’t able to shortlist a University. DM Study Abroad helped me in chosing the University which was the best for me in terms of relevancy, affordability and reputation. They also helped me to get the student loan. Everything happened so quickly and smoothly that I never expected it. All thanks to DM for their professional support. They are truly success driven consultant agency. »

Shereen, Saint Leo University, USA

« I came across genuine consultants in DM after doing a lot of research. Their Study Abroad consultants explained me the process in detail. I knew most of the process and their information was genuine and I got to learn new things also. They have highly experienced education consultants who have a network with many top universities. They shared the brochures and prospects and the road to UK became easy for me. If you are looking out Study Abroad in Europe, then there is no other better consultants. »

Joiquim Carvalho, Northeastern University, USA

« DM Study Abroad is legit agency in Dubai. They have comprehensive solutions for all student requirements. I had a nice experience after getting irritated by other agencies I approached. They are genuine and give reliable information and professionally do their job. They helped me a great deal in my endeavour to study in New Zealand. Their services are top notch, and I recommend them. »

Fatima, University of Canterbury, Christchurch

« DM Study Abroad has authorised consultants in the UAE. The best thing about them is that their highly professional staff are experts at their work. I enjoyed my time while availing of their services. I wanted to study in Canada and they helped me get admission in the University of Calgary. The process was complex in arranging documents, including education credentials and scoring required IELTS bands. Their consultants made everything easy, and now I am ready to visit my University in Alberta. »

Treesha, University of Calgary, Canada

« I was searching for a genuine consultant agency in Dubai and my search eventually ended at DM Study Abroad consultants. They guided me in a proper way and showed me pathway to study in Australia. The whole process went in an easy way. From counselling to taking up the desired course and choosing the University in Australia, they helped me greatly and were with me in the entire admission process and visa application process. »

Mary, University of South Australia

« I came across genuine consultancy for Study Abroad in DM. They are the best Europe Education Consultants in Dubai. I had a brainstorming session with their consultants, which brought me many new things. We together shortlisted a university and worked on it like a family. I am in Scotland, enjoying great education in the best atmosphere. If you are looking for education consultants in Dubai, they are the best option. »

Rituraj, University of Glasgow, Scotland

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Vidisha Kumbhar

Vidisha Kumbhar

Founder & Managing Partner
Chetan Kumbhar

Chetan Kumbhar

Founder & Managing Partner
Harish Chand

Harish Chand

General Manager
Gaurav Chauhan

Gaurav Chauhan

Director of Sales
Tulika Sharma

Tulika Sharma

Regional Manager, Operations
Lukeman Jalal

Lukeman Jalal

Assistant Director of Sales - (AUH - INDIA)
Kanika Gaba

Kanika Gaba

Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council Member (RCIC # R534737)

Frequently asked questions

Why do students study abroad?

Which country should I select for studying abroad?

Choosing a suitable country for studying abroad mostly depends upon your educational background, grades, financial condition, and educational program in which you are interested in pursuing your future. If you find yourself fulfilling all eligibility criteria of budget and educational background then select the most visited countries of Europe like Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, or the USA.

What are requirements for study visa?

Unfortunately for new students, there Is a visa process, and requirements can fluctuate from country to country and from one university to another. To avoid any hassles with the visa process, be sure to check with your preferred university before officially applying. Students mostly have to provide language proficiency proof as IELTS or TOEFL and they are also required to have an acceptance letter that must be recognised with a specific University of the country.

What documents are required to submit along visa application?

Studying abroad visa process requires specific documents as proof of your educational and financial background. You must have a valid passport, bank statement, and admission letter. students are also required medical or character clearance certificates and IELTS or TOFEL test scores.

How can I move abroad for higher education?

The process of making your studying abroad process successful includes the following important steps. Decide your dream country that is suitable to your education and conduct detailed research for choosing the right educational program and top universities of the country that are perfectly suitable to your preferences. Getting proper guidance from study visa consultants can make the process easy for you by providing all the information.

What is the expected cost of getting education abroad?

The cost of completing your degree in a foreign country depends on several factors including country and type of Educational Institute. If students want to get an education in the world's top universities in a specific country then they must have a higher budget estimation for their convenient stay in the country. Contact us today to get proper help on education or living costs for different study abroad programs.

Which consultant is the best guide to study abroad?

DM Overseas Education Consultant is the best Study Abroad Consultant in Abu Dhabi. The primary education consultants in Dubai can shape your dreams by assisting you in pursuing graduate certificates, postgraduate, undergraduate, PhD, or MBA courses abroad in top universities.

How can I find good opportunities to study overseas?

You can begin studying abroad by seeking help from our overseas education consultants in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. We have partnerships with top universities known for imparting quality education to students.

Can I study abroad for a nominal fee?

Students can pursue studies abroad with free or lower tuition fees, as many countries have scholarship programs. Please discuss with our International Education Specialists in Dubai how to avail scholarships for your studies from internationally recognised universities.

Can I study abroad without ielts?

IELTS is the standardised test for students who wish to pursue their future careers abroad. Contact DM, the best study abroad education consultants in Abu Dhabi, to begin your IELTS training. With a team of certified and experienced trainers, we organise IELTS training courses for students.

Is it challenging to get the required ielts score?

IELTS is easy if you are well prepared for the test. The IELTS exam gauges your reading, writing, speaking and listening abilities in less than three hours. Enrol in our IELTS training in Dubai today and improve your language proficiency.

What is the cost of study abroad course?

Study abroad costs differ depending on the search by country, educational institution, dynamic course structure, lifestyle, etc. For more details, get in touch with our experienced educational consultants in the UAE today.

When can I start the application for study abroad courses?

Begin to prepare for your visa application process as soon as possible. The application process and the entire process of admission can seem tedious and lengthy; you should prepare for your application six months in advance. To smooth this entire visa filing process out, you can speak to any of our abroad education consultants.

Which country is cheaper to study abroad?

This depends on the type of program you are looking for, as well as your individual circumstances. In general, countries like Germany, France, Spain, and Italy offer low tuition fees for international students. Other countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US can be more expensive but offer a higher quality of education. It's important to research the specific costs and fees associated with each program before making a decision.

Do I need a consultant to study abroad?

The short answer is no. Depending on the program you choose and the country you are studying in, there may be specific requirements for international students. In many cases, however, you can access all the same information online and apply directly to universities or language schools. That said, a consultant can be helpful if you need guidance with the logistics of living and studying abroad.

How should I prepare for a study abroad program?

Preparation is key to success when studying abroad. You should start by researching which programs are available and best suited to your interests. Then, familiarise yourself with the local customs and culture of your destination. Once you have a program in mind, start organising the necessary paperwork (visa, travel documents, etc.) and get your finances in order. Finally, make a plan for what you want to achieve while abroad and set achievable goals.

Can I get a scholarship to study abroad?

Yes, there are many resources available for international students looking for financial assistance. Scholarships, grants, and fellowships are all forms of aid that can help to cover the costs associated with studying abroad. Additionally, many universities and language schools offer tuition discounts or other incentives for international students.

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