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Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is a fantastic option for students who wish to study abroad. Study in New Zealand guarantees world-class education and offers an opportunity to explore the beautiful country and soak in its unique culture. The Universities in New Zealand encourage innovative approaches toward studies and provide world-over recognised qualifications and research-based teaching. The country offers an excellent work-life balance and standard of living. It is also a safe country to live in, and a candidate can work up to 20 hours weekly to support your studies.

Study Abroad in Study in New Zealand

Why Choose to Study in Study in New Zealand

New Zealand has cemented itself within three centuries as one of the leading global destinations for business, education, and tourism. The developed country ranks pretty high on all significant indices for comparisons, such as quality of life, education, economic freedom, and more. Today, Study Abroad in New Zealand is becoming a favourite among students and follows the world’s most recognised educational system – the British System.

Although New Zealand hosts only eight universities, they are ranked in QS World Rankings. Apart from providing a safe learning environment for international students, New Zealand, like the UK, offers students plenty of options in terms of programs made available at their universities. The country is a popular choice among students who want to pursue higher studies in Environmental science, marine science, and geology due to the experiential opportunities available.

Apart from its selection of state-funded universities, New Zealand also has 16 Polytechnic institutes and more than 500+ Private Training Establishments to welcome international students. To pursue studies in New Zealand, all overseas students need a Student Visa. Several student visa options are available, and you’ll need to choose one that best fits your requirements.

As a known and trusted Student Visa Consultant based in the UAE, we at DM Overseas Education Consultants specialise in helping aspiring students learn about New Zealand Study Abroad Programs. Contact our experts to know more details!

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Cost of Overseas Education in Study in New Zealand

The charges of Study in New Zealand for International Students depend entirely on your chosen program and institution. While the average tuition fee for bachelor’s degree programs is around 32,000 USD, the cost of master’s and PhD level programs is significantly higher. International students will also need to bear the living expenses more determined by their preferred lifestyle and location. You will also have to consider the visa costs, air tickets, and health insurance. Living as a resident on-campus is a very affordable option. However, you must apply for it separately and well ahead of time to secure a slot.

Course/Program Tuition Fee Living Expenses
Bachelor’s Degree
Master’s Degree
Graduate Diploma
Short Courses
Associate Degree

Preparatory Courses to Study Overseas in Study in New Zealand

Like many other Study Abroad destinations, the educational institutes in New Zealand require standardised tests with specific minimum scores as qualification marks to Study in New Zealand.


SAT is a standardised test that evaluates students’ math, reading, writing, and grammar capability. Although SAT is not mandatory for New Zealand colleges, certain institutions prefer students with a valid SAT score.


TOEFL is a computer-initiated English proficiency test that New Zealand universities widely accept. The student must score around 80-90 on the English as a Foreign Language Test, and this test is valid for two years.


Although it is not a requirement by all the universities in New Zealand, certain master’s programs accept GRE. It can significantly improve your chances of pursuing a specialised master’s or doctoral-level program.


IELTS is an English proficiency test mandatory for admission to New Zealand universities. The International English Language Testing System tests the candidates’ proficiency in the language across four modules – listening, reading, writing, and speaking.


GMAT, or Graduate Management Admissions Test, is a quality test that institutions worldwide use to evaluate students’ potential before admitting them to MBA programs. Although not mandatory, a good GMAT score can improve your chances of admission to your preferred MBA program and university.

New Zealand Study Visa Requirements

If you want to pursue a program over three months, a student visa is necessary for New Zealand. Several student visas are available, and you must apply for and secure the one that best fits your requirements. New Zealand student visas are generally valid for four years, and to obtain one, the applicant will need to fulfil the following set of requirements:

  • Proof of acceptance for a New Zealand University or Institution
  • Financial statements to prove that the student can support himself during their time in the country
  • A valid passport and related travel documents
  • A return ticket to your home country
  • A medical certificate
  • Proof of tuition fees or scholarships, if any
  • Health Insurance

For other New Zealand Study Visa Requirements, contact DM Overseas Education Consultant to guide you along the process and obtain your student visa without any hassles. Contact our immigration consultants today!

Documents Required for Study Abroad New Zealand

The following documents are necessary to apply for a USA student visa:

  • A valid passport or travel document
  • Offer letter from the College or University
  • Financial proof documents
  • Education loan sanction letter from a recognised bank
  • Satisfy Health requirements
  • English Language courses
  • Photographs
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Health and character certificate
  • Academic and work experience documents

You may require to produce additional documents to your concerned Embassy. Contact us for more information on New Zealand Study Visa Requirements.

How to Apply for New Zealand Student Visa

An international student aspiring to study in New Zealand requires one of the three types of study visa:

Fee-paying student visa: It is for students studying full-time for up to four years.
Foreign government-supported student visa: It is for international students receiving a scholarship or loan from a foreign government to fund their studies.
Pathway student visa: This visa type is for international students who want to study more than one program at a time.

The fee-paying student visa is the most sought visa for international students in New Zealand.

  • The Institution chosen by you will send you an offer letter for acceptance. You will have to pay any upfront tuition and accommodation fees.
  • The applicant will need a medical examination by a registered doctor approved by New Zealand Immigration authorities.
  • Get a police clearance certificate showing you don’t have any criminal record.
  • Create an account and apply online. You may also use it through the post. Save your fee payment receipt.
  • The period it takes to decide on your visa application varies depending on the country you are applying from. You should apply three months before your course starts.

Get in touch with Best Study Abroad Consultants in Dubai at DM to guide you in searching for the right university or college in New Zealand and assist you in applying for a course and visa services.

Why choose DM Overseas Education Consultant

We offer expert services in helping you with applications for Study in New Zealand and visa assistance. A small mistake in the admission process and visa application can be the reason behind visa rejection.

As the Best Education Consultants in Dubai, we can guide you with your application process, keep you updated with all the developments and enhance your chances of getting visa approval. Our services include:

  • Help in choosing the best course and university best suited for the student in New Zealand.
  • Assistance throughout the admission process
  • Counselling in selecting the proper visa
  • Complete guidance through the visa application process
  • IELTS preparation in Dubai
  • Help in securing scholarships and educational loans
  • Counselling to get you prepared for departure
  • Post landing services to help you get acquainted with the new place.

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After You Gain Your Degree in New Zealand

Upon completing their studies in New Zealand, students can apply for a post study work visa, provided they qualify for the duration and level of Study they’ve achieved. The post-study work visa permits students to work for any employer and almost any job.

You must continue with further studies to be eligible to remain on a student visa. Still, you can pursue plenty of other permanent and temporary visa options in this regard. For assistance in finding a job in New Zealand after your studies or a better understanding of New Zealand Study Abroad Programs, please speak to our student immigration consultants today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Study in New Zealand

  • How long is a student visa in New Zealand?

    You can only stay in New Zealand and study for four years. The period a study visa will be granted depends upon various factors. Your student visa is valid for the same time as the tuition fee duration.
  • How to apply for student visa in New Zealand?

    There are four ways of applying for a student visa in New Zealand: Apply online Apply using a paper form Apply through an immigration advisor Apply at a visa application centre. Contact DM Overseas Education Consultants today to learn more about New Zealand Study Visa Requirements.
  • Can I study in New Zealand with scholarships?

    If you are a worthy student, you can apply for scholarships from Kiwi universities and colleges. These financial aids can be partially or fully paid, depending on the criteria, course, and institution. When applying to any of these scholarships, check the requirements carefully, along with the application closing date. Contact us for further details on the available funding options in New Zealand.
  • Which English language tests are acceptable in Kiwi institutions?

    IELTS is the most favoured English language proficiency test accepted by most institutions in New Zealand. However, globally, Kiwi institutions are open to receiving other proficiency tests such as TOEFL and Pearson Test of English (PTE). Get in touch with our best Study Abroad Consultants in Dubai for more information. We have a partnership with British Council and provide FREE IELTS training.
  • Can students work during their studies in New Zealand?

    New Zealand student visas usually allow international students to work full-time for up to 20 hours a week during academics and up to 40 hours per week during the summer vacation. Also, this applies to both high school and higher education students.
  • Are New Zealand qualifications recognised worldwide?

    Yes, degrees from New Zealand institutions are accepted worldwide and are known for their quality of education.

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