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We routinely get questions about the IELTS exam from students who are wanting to move abroad to pursue their higher studies. Listed below are some of the common questions and answers related to the IELTS exam to help you better understand the test.

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What is the IELTS Test?

It is a standardized test used to determine the English language proficiency of an individual. IELTS test scores are mandatory for getting student visas from English-speaking countries.

How to Prepare for the IELTS Exam?

Before preparing for the exam itself, one needs to first understand the test format. Any student that wishes to get a high score in the test will need to perform well over all four tests and his/her preparations should be equally divided among the four disciplines. Always practice what you learn during an IELTS training program on a daily basis to become more comfortable with the language.

Are There Different Types of IELTS Exams?

Yes, IELTS exams are of two types – IELTS Academic & IELTS General Training. While the speaking & listening parts of both the tests are the same, there are differences in the reading & writing tests. To students wanting to study abroad, they will need for the IELTS Academic exam.

How Long is the IELTS Exam?

In total, the IELTS Exam divided into four modules lasts for 2 Hours & 45 Minutes. While it is mandatory to complete the reading (60 mins), writing (60 mins), and listening (30 mins) parts of the exam on the same day without any breaks, students are free to take the speaking part of the text at a latter day.

How is the IELTS Exam Graded?

All examinees are graded based on a 9-band scoring system. Students are graded from 0-9 on individual disciplines and are also provided an overall band score.

How much does the IELTS Exam Cost?

The IELTS exam itself has a fixed fee. You’ll be able to know the exact fee when you submit your application online.

What Can I Carry to the Exam Hall?

Examinees are only permitted to bring pens, pencils, and erasers into the exam hall. All other personal belongings should be kept outside the exam hall, failure to follow this rule can result in disqualification.

Can I Challenge my IELTS Score?

Yes, you can do so by applying through your registered test center. There is a fixed fee levied for revaluating a paper, however, the same will be refunded if the students’ score increases.

By When Will I Receive My IELTS Test Result?

In most cases, the examinee should get his/jer IELT test report within 13 days after the test is complete. The test score so received will be available for a period of two years.

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